About Design Interactive

Since 1998, DI has been helping clients gain insight into the user experience and accelerate learning by transforming data into actionable information.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create human centered, metrics driven solutions, incorporating the latest in behavioral, physiological, and neurophysiological techniques to optimize the performance of our clients’ employees and their consumers’ experience.

Innovation That Empowers

Our Mission

Create a competitive edge for our clients by creating metrics driven adaptive, intuitive, and engaging solutions that leverage the latest technological innovations.

We help you hire the right people, improve the productivity of your workforce through training innovation and enhance the user experience.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be first to market with data modeling and human performance diagnostic techniques that provide a competitive edge for you when integrated into human capital management, custom training and UI/UX solutions we create for you.

Niche providers of game based cognitive aptitude assessments to support our clients' hiring practices, helping them select the right employees and manage their energy, thereby improving retention.

Visionaries in using the latest technology and data modeling techniques in our training solutions to diagnose performance challenges and rapidly transform new hires into experts.

Leaders in agile design and development of user centered web, mobile, software and cross platform solutions for enterprise clients, while challenging the status quo in product evaluation and making quantitative emotional evaluation common practice.

DI specializes in:

- Helping organizations design and innovate to empower people
- Best practices and design specifications for low cost virtual reality solutions
- Adaptive interactive training systems
- Wearable and mobile augmented reality ecosystems
- Engaging user experience design
- Data analytics and human performance modelling

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