VAMR Development Services

Design Interactive offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VAMR) research, design, and development services.

Create VAMR Training

We develop custom training experiences for virtual, augmented or mixed reality head mounted displays, that accelerate knowledge and skill adoption of your workforce. Instructional design and human factors experts determine the best method to train and measure performance. VAMR developers and UI/UX designers create a captivating and effective training solution that delivers to your key performance metrics.

Smart Augmented Reality Ecosystems

Our interactive, heads up applications improve the productivity of your workforce. Smart AR solutions provide information on demand that is responsive to the skills of the end user and connects them to the production environment. Our expert AR developers connect your workforce to the data and information they need to keep your business running at optimal efficiency.

Augmented Reality Troubleshooting

Every problem can’t be solved by standard operating procedures. Updating troubleshooting best practices is time consuming. Documentation is left out of date, resulting in over reliance on experts. We create empowering VAMR troubleshooting solutions that transfer knowledge from experts to the rest of the workforce. This reduces the time it takes to repair equipment and the reliance on a small pool of experts while increasing utilization of equipment.

Technology Assessments

User Experience Consultation

Selecting the most appropriate head mounted or mobile technology for your training or operations environment can be a difficult task. Our human factors experts and VAMR engineers evaluate hardware solutions from the user’s perspective. They determine the best fit for your use case, environment and intended users. We consider comfort in use, usability and integration into your information technology enterprise. Objective, actionable recommendations improve user acceptance and probability of a successful implementation.

Human Factors Consultation

Developing a new HMD or modifying one for your intended use requires an understanding of how engineering specifications support visual perception. Our VAMR experts work iteratively with you to predict human visual performance based on engineering specifications. Validated and objective human factors tests assess your HMD as you move from concept to prototype to production, with the result being optics that are optimized for human viewing.

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Development and Consulting Services