Design Interactive Leads Human Systems Industry Conference

April 12th, 2017

DI’s Dr. Kelly Hale and LCDR Peter Walker of the US Navy served as Co-Chairs for this year’s NDIA Human Systems Conference held in Springfield, VA. The conference brought together leaders in Human Systems from government, industry, and academia to discuss strategic plans and opportunities to advance and expand the role of human systems. This year’s theme, “Achieving the Third Offset: Maximizing Human-Machine Symbiosis” brought engaging presentations focused around wearable technology, augmented reality, and automated systems – how humans and systems can be best integrated to realize a true symbiosis of optimized training, performance, and mission success.

The two-day agenda was framed around five distinct technical areas as aligned with the Department of Defense Community of Interest in Human Systems. These included: Protection, Sustainment, and Warfighter Performance; Human Aspects of Operations in the Military Environment; Personalized Assessment, Education and Training; HSI Metrics; and Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing. Key note speakers included Dr. Jason Matheny, Director of IARPA, and Dr. Thomas Russell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for SYT, Chief Scientist of the Army.

DI’s Dr. Raegan Hoeft and Zach Huber presented their vision for educating military decision makers on advanced capabilities available for training – technology scouting led to the following list of emerging technology: virtual and augmented display solutions, drones, haptic feedback and artificial intelligence. The current effort is sponsored by the Advanced Distributed Lab (ADL) in an effort to support their mission of providing the highest-quality education, training, informal learning, and just-in-time support, tailored to individual needs and delivered cost-effectively, anytime and anywhere.

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