ScreenADAPT® is Improving Airport Screening Efficiency

April 2nd, 2017

Design Interactive’s ScreenADAPT® solution was recently featured on the Department of Homeland Security’s website, as the training system has improved airport screening efficiency. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) must screen every bag boarding commercial aircraft within the US and identify threats in an efficient manner. TSOs rely on X-ray images and their understanding of what threat and non-threat items look like to identify potential dangers to national security. The ScreenADAPT® training system makes TSOs more efficient while maintaining their accuracy.

ScreenADAPT® is an advanced, adaptive X-ray image analysis training system that leverages eye-tracking technology to examine performance. The eye-tracking capability provides the first significant change to TSO training, as trainers and trainees now have the ability to objectively measure where they are looking on the screen, for how long, and in what pattern. Trainers can now determine if a threat was missed because a trainee did not look at that area of an image, or if they looked at that area and did not recognize the item as a threat.

The second major differentiation is that ScreenADAPT® provides diagnostic metrics on TSO performance and automatically adapts to the trainees needs. The system addresses the trainee’s needs by varying the types of training and threats with the level of bag clutter and difficulty. The ScreenADAPT® software calculates all of a TSO’s hits, misses and false alarms, and can compare their performance metrics to those of their peers. All of this feedback can be leveraged to improve all screeners’ performances.

Customization has also made ScreenADAPT® the premier visual search training system. Airports, or other locations involving screening, can upload their own images that accurately reflect their unique threat environments and items most often seen in that area, improving screeners’ response to new threats. Furthermore, DI’s system can be fielded with single or dual screens, allowing trainees to more accurately simulate their real working environment.

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