August 3rd 2015 | Design Interactive
Haddad speaks on Mixed Reality Application at Augmented World Expo

August 3, 2015

Sam Haddad, DI’s Engineering Manager for Desktop Applications and Gaming had the opportunity to speak alongside Michael Carney of Canon USA about the benefits and potential real world applications of Mixed Reality, at the Augmented World Expo.

Sam has had the pleasure of working with the Canon MREAL, mixed reality platform for over a year now, developing unique gamified content for high risk training scenarios. Fire fighting in a submarine (shown at IITSEC 2014) and inspection/maintenance of a compressor on an oil rig in inclement weather are two of the scenarios he has built.

The benefits of MR over virtual solutions are many. The moment you put on an HMD and you can see your own hands, the tools that you would use and not some virtual representation of them is extremely powerful. Putting people in an extraordinary sensorial experience in a virtual world, but giving them the ability to perform real tasks with real objects is what makes MR perfect for high risk training.

Beyond the content, Sam has created software to measure and manage training performance. He has been leading the creation of training platforms capable of accepting mixed, augmented or virtual content with the intent on accelerating trainee’s from novice to expert for both commercial and government clients. This is germane to his talk at AWE, as practical applications of this technology, require some form of performance evaluation.

Look for future news releases about the delivery of these platforms in the next couple months.

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