Design Interactive at AOPA 2016 National Assembly in Boston

August 31st, 2016

With the upcoming presence of Design Interactive (DI) at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly in Boston from September 8 - 11th, we got candid with our Chief Scientist, Dr. Brent Winslow.

This national trade association is committed to providing high quality orthotic and prosthetic business services and products to professionals in the industry. This is where DI comes into play with the AutoDiagnostic Adaptive Precision Training for Myoelectric Prosthesis (ADAPT-MP). DI acts as the liaison between manufacturers, therapists, and amputees through this interactive platform known as ADAPT-MP. Brent delves into further detail about ADAPT-MP through this one-on-one interview

What is the main purpose of ADAPT-MP?

BW: ADAPT-MP is designed to train upper limb amputees to successfully control myoelectric prostheses. Current training methods leave most amputees unprepared when their prosthesis becomes available, with the result that many amputees eventually abandon their device. By using the same myoelectric signals from an amputee's residual limb during training, combined with fun mobile games and a connection to their provider, ADAPT-MP increases patient retention and quality of life.

How does this myoelectric device allow for users to play the game?

BW: EMG electrodes on the mobile band read and transmit the low magnitude electrical potential changes associated with muscle movement, and transmit those via Bluetooth to mobile devices to drive game controls. In addition, onboard accelerometry and gyroscopes read limb position and translate that into game controls.

At what stage can the amputee use this game as a tool to foster muscle activation?

BW: Following surgery, prosthetists and occupational therapists meet with amputees to assess their residual limb and capacity to control a myoelectric prosthesis a visit often referred to as the first fitting. ADAPT-MP was designed to be used as early as the first fitting, and any time after that during the patient's therapy cycle.

Ultimately, how will the use of this game improve the quality of life of amputees?

BW: By reducing the likelihood of device abandonment, and giving amputees greater control over their prosthesis, ADAPT-MP will allow patients to return to work earlier and integrate their prosthesis into their work and social life, improving overall quality.

DI’s Brent Winslow and Christina Padron will be attending AOPA 2016 at the beginning of September (8-11) at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts to present ADAPT-MP to clinicians and attendees. Come stop by Booth 1636 to see the training game in action!

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