December 16th 2015 | Design Interactive
Lives Saved at IITSEC 2015!
DI demonstrates Canon MREAL Mixed Reality Technology

December 16, 2015

Another successful I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) has come and went for Design Interactive but this time with an interesting twist…we saved lives! Well, virtual lives anyway.

Over 15000 visitors to the trade show had the opportunity to participate in DI’s mixed reality experience. Standing at the precipice of a bottomless void in the snow, attendees were tasked with harnessing themselves to an icy rock wall in preparing for repelling to an injured warfighter. Mid-experience they take fire! Another warfighter takes a bullet and the attendee has to spring into action, applying a tourniquet under fire.

New to mixed reality and Canon’s MREAL platform? Unlike augmented reality and virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift, MREAL provides the flexibility to couple the real and virtual such that you can optimize the experience of a trainee. Ever lift your hands to your eyes while wearing an Oculus product? They disappear. Not with MREAL. You can see your hands, your instructor, and any tools that you need to do the job.

Like Augmented Reality, the MREAL allows you to provide visualizations of instructions that inform or navigate the user. With a click of a button you can turn the experience fully virtual. You can customize the level of virtuality to what is necessary for the job.

So if your job is to repel from a mountain that looks like the image on the left, you can create an experience like that on the right. Real harness, real ropes, real anchor with a virtual mountain ledge and virtual weather. Throw a real manikin in for good measure.

If you are about to invest significant capital in a training facility, ask yourself if a mixed solution is right for you.

Am I training people for risky work?

Is it hard to replicate the environmental conditions?

Is it really important that they are able to use real equipment during training?

Is the real environment costly to build?

Do you need a solution that can flexibly permit multiple scenarios under potentially adverse conditions that require the trainee to use real equipment? Maybe mixed it right for you.

But that isn’t all! DI also demonstrated a powerful training management system, that when coupled with the MREAL platform allows you to capture and visualize training performance, comparing trainees against a set criterion or a group of other trainees.

Together, the MREAL and training management system can provide a comprehensive training experience that promises to deliver more effective training. Particularly for high risk domains.

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