DI to Demonstrate Novel Training Solution for Amputees at Hanger Ed Fair

February 1st, 2017

Design Interactive will be on hand at the 2017 Hanger Ed Fair in Las Vegas, demonstrating the award winning ADAPT-MP. ADAPT-MP is a gamified, mobile training game for upper limb amputees. It includes an enterprise portal that provides meaningful data for prosthetists and occupational therapists to support amputee’s as they begin to learn to use their new device. The solution is expected to increase the probability of adoption of the myoelectric limb and significantly improve activities of daily living. ADAPT-MP is currently in a pilot clinical study phase and is expected to be made available in the fourth quarter of 2017 as a training and wellness device for clinical practitioners.

The latest version of ADAPT-MP includes the addition of multiple games to train different aspects of limb control and the provision of raw and rectified EMG data to assist prosthetists and occupational therapists diagnose challenges associated with limb operation and training.

ADAPT-MP is the first comprehensive, game-based approach that uses instructional design and game design principles to train amputees on the use of the complex myoelectric limb. It’s game-based approach keeps users engaged, resulting in an improved pre-prosthesis training process that accelerates mastery of their new myoelectric limb.

Hanger’s Annual Education Fair and National Meeting is an educational event that offers training, seminars, and product demonstrations for the prosthetic and orthotic community. Hanger employees, corporate partners and industry practitioners from the United States and overseas assemble to share ideas about the latest developments in technology, clinical techniques, and innovative business practices.

For more information on ADAPT-MP, contact Dr. Brent Winslow at Brent.Winslow@designinteractive.net.

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