July 21st 2015 | Design Interactive
Design Interactive, Inc. Hosts Lt. Gov Lopez-Cantera for M&S Roundtable

July 21, 2015

DI was proud to host Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera for a modelling and simulation roundtable on July 20th 2015. Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera demonstrated a keen interest in the challenges small and large businesses in Orlando and the state of Florida face with respect to the creation and retention of modelling and simulation jobs.

DI is one of many local firms that rely on top talent produced by in-state schools such as Embry Riddle and University of Central Florida. These schools continue to produce modelling and simulation talent but Florida businesses are competing with other states and regions of the country to attract and retain this talent. The Lt. Governor expressed interesting ideas on how to improve the ability for small businesses in Florida to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Lt. Governor experiences a mixed reality firefighting scenario DI Chief Scientist David Jones demonstrates DI’s mobile stress and anxiety ecosystem MCALM and myoprosthetic training system to Lt Governor Lopez-Cantera
Lt. Governor experiences a mixed reality firefighting scenario The Lt. Governor experiences a mixed reality firefighting scenario under the watchful eye of DI’s Zach Huber.

DI had the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of products and innovative research efforts to the Lt. Governor, including ScreenADAPT, an adaptive x-ray screening training system that will be delivered to the Department of Homeland Security by year end.

Jesse Flint of DI discusses ScreenADAPT with Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera Jesse Flint of DI discusses ScreenADAPT with Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera.

The roundtable also produced an interesting discussion about the challenges associated with working with government agencies, in particular the different branches of the Department of Defense that have a significant footprint in the state and Orlando in particular. The Lt. Governor demonstrated a desire to not only create more jobs but to help improve the efficiency of the contracting process that can create uncertainty making business planning difficult particularly for small businesses.

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