July 31st 2015 | Design Interactive
Design Interactive, Inc. wins Army Innovation Contract to build Cognitive Monitoring System

July 31, 2015


DI has won an extremely competitive Army Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) award to build a Cognitive state monitoring system. This innovative product will monitor and predict psycho-physiological status expanding the military’s capability to maximize mental acuity in soldiers during operations. DI intends to integrate this into the Integrated Soldier Sensor Suite with the support of our partners at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

The RIF program receives 2,000 White Papers annually. Only 5% of white papers are selected for full proposal. Less than 1% are selected for award. The DI team lead by Nam Nguyen and Dr. Brent Winslow are extremely excited at the opportunity to create this innovative wearable ecosystem.

The Sleep Homeostasis Acuity Readiness Program or SHARP, integrates off the shelf activity tracking into DI’s state of the art mobile cognitive assessment tools to provide cost effective, individually adapted solutions to warfighter mental state. SHARP will provide the planning tools so our soldiers are maximally ready to face challenges when they occur.

Design Interactive has been optimizing human performance at ludicrous speed since 1998. We leverage cutting edge technology to understand human behavior, deliver adaptive training systems and engaging UX experiences. As a niche provider of game based cognitive aptitude assessments, DI now offers services and products that help you hire the right people, accelerate them to competency and optimize their productivity.

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