May 12th 2015 | Design Interactive
Design Interactive, Inc. delivers Medical Training Lab to US Army.

May 12, 2015

Design Interactive is proud to have delivered the Transport Medical Trainer Laboratory (TMTL) to the U.S. Army Medical Department Center & School (AMEDD C&S). TMTL is used by the AMEDD C&S in support of the Critical Care Flight Paramedic Program located at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. TMTL. TMTL is a high-fidelity simulated UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter cabin. It is outfitted with a Medical Evacuation Package (MEP), and provides realistic training to flight medics on patient loading, unloading, treatment and transfer of patients requiring intensive or critical care.

To simulate realistic combat stressors, the simulated cabin was integrated with an Instructor Control Room. The control room is outfitted with software that permits ambient audio, smoke, scent, lighting and rotor wash to be triggered. DI also integrated Laerdal medical manikins to simulate realistic injury and casualties that also support recording of student performance for medical application. The facility features multiple rooms including a Forward Surgical Team room, student debrief area and a student class room. The entire simulation space can be recorded and played back on a Crestron audio video system in the student debrief area which was integrated with a Polycom for distance learning applications.

Design Interactive partner, Newton Design did a fantastic job of fabricating and installing the UH-60 cabin. The UH-60 cabin was integrated into the instructor control software to control temperature, lightning conditions, and rotor wash.

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