Design Interactive wins Army Phase I Contract for AR Experimentation and Training

November 2nd, 2016

DI was awarded an Army Phase I contract to create ‘TARgET’, a Testbed for Augmented Reality Experimentation and Training. This research and development effort will be conducted in support of the Army Night Vision Lab’s mission.

In order for the US Army to maintain their nighttime advantage, sensors that are able to function in all types of scenarios and under various atmospheric conditions are necessary. DI’s solution is to create an AR-based target acquisition training and experimentation tool called TARgET. TARgET: a Testbed for Augmented Reality Experimentation and Training will ultimately conduct human factors testing to compare and validate augmented reality based training technology for vehicles and Soldiers to better perform critical tasks such as persistent surveillance, target detection, and recognition and identification at standoff ranges.

DI’s Cali Fidioplastis says that “TARgET is an experimental suite aimed at testing these advanced EO/IR imagers in the context of realistic mission environments with the goal of improving target acquisition performance and training for field use.”

The first phase of this effort will identify Augmented Reality technologies and authoring tools capable of facilitating electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) target acquisition performance. Using psychophysical measures to assess and predict a warfighter’s performance, DI will develop software and a testbed automate the experimental design and assessment process. Beyond Phase I, DI intends to extend this development and capabilities to other display devices such as head mounted displays. This testbed will allow for better selection of augmented reality based tools for training and assessment in the future.

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