ScreenADAPT® is a Windows-based x-ray training application that uses trainee eye movement patterns to measure search performance and identify detection errors. Improve your trainees detection accuracy while also reducing the time needed to train.


Desktop App

Gives the instructor and trainee access to personalized performance and assessment data

Eye Tracking Sensor

Infrared sensor that detects and captures eye movement

Desktop App

Trainee Performance Review
Trainees review their performance following each training session. Instructors can view performance history data for all trainees, providing insight into the training process.
Adaptive Algorithm
Uses threat characteristics and search behavior data from the eye tracker to determine the cause of misses and false alarms.
Trainee Management
Review past performance and create and compare trainee groups.
Content Customization
Personalize training content to the needs of your industry.

Previously Inaccessible Performance Data




Peer Inside The Mind
Use eye tracking to capture trainee performance on anomaly detection and recognition skills, unveiling the crucial link between seeing and understanding.
Diagnose Deficiencies
Detect errors in scanning behavior and visualize the search process to show where they occurred.
Adaptive Training
Provide performance feedback and change training content to address trainees’ deficiencies, building the core skills needed to achieve expertise.

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