Our user centered processes help you accelerate learning and deliver engaging experiences.


Extended Realities

AR. VR. MR. 360.

Create virtual, augmented, mixed reality training systems and solutions for the operational environment.

Human Performance


Data driven training systems and performance metrics that accelerate the transformation of novice to expert.

Biosignature Analytics


Create classifiers of human physiology, cognition and emotion, evidence based and useful in real world.

UI/UX & Software Development

Identification of user needs drive our human centered, agile design and development process. Leveraging our data modelling capabilities and usability testing, we identify pain points and ensure emotionally engaging, intuitive and safe products.

Human Capital Management


A niche provider of game based cognitive aptitude assessment and custom energy management solutions to help you choose and retain the right employees.
Job Analysis
Our job analysis methods justify the right pre-employment assessments by providing objective evidence of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective job performance.
Cognitive Aptitude Assessment
We provide game-based, cognitive aptitude assessment solutions to innovate your recruiting and hiring process based on extensive research and development.
Energy Management
Powered by our patent pending stress & anxiety algorithm, our big data approach optimizes employee and organization energy.

Custom Training Solutions


Design Interactive supports the training lifecycle from needs analysis to system development to effectiveness evaluation. We develop training systems that accelerate the transformation of new hires into experts.
Training Needs Analysis
Our TNA process includes a full sensory task analysis, making sure we address not only the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to do the job, but also assess what the trainee sees, hears, smells and touches.
Data Modelling
Leveraging the latest sensor technology, we develop big data models of human behavior and emotion to diagnose the root cause of performance deficiencies.
Interactive Multimedia Instruction
From passive interaction to game based simulations, our courseware engages trainees and accelerates learning.
Training System Development
Our adaptive, augmented, mixed and virtual reality training solutions are driven by models of human behavior and emotion to personalize the learning experience and reduce time to competency.
Training Effectiveness Evaluation
Our TEE approach ensures training programs afford, promote, produce and transfer learning.

UI/UX and Software Development


Design Interactive supports the UI/UX agile development lifecycle, identifying user needs to drive the design and development of web, mobile and software solutions for our clients, subjecting the solutions to iterative usability testing to ensure engaging, intuitive products.
User Needs Analysis
We understand how your users think and act by using user centric techniques such as naturalistic observation and task analyses.
UI/UX Design
Our user centered design process yields easy to use and engaging products that enhance employee performance and the user experience.
Web, Mobile & Software Development
Our expert software engineers work closely with our UI/UX front end developers and usability experts to create compelling experiences and applications that keep your workforce productive.
Emotion Assessment & Data Modelling
Leveraging our industry leading emotion metrics and algorithms, we turn behavioral and biometric data into meaningful, actionable information and quantify the consumer experience.
Usability Testing & Focus Groups
We identify pain points, strengths and opportunities for consumer delight. Our testing methods yield sources of error and gaps between design and consumer needs.