How to Assess Leadership Skills in 30 minutes or Less

Imagine being able to rapidly assess leadership skills in 30 minutes or less by measuring the adaptability and flexibility of your workforce and easily identify your next set of supervisors, managers and leaders. DI is proud to announce they have won a new contract from the Office of Naval Research to create a software product that promises to objectively assess the cognitive flexibility and decision making adaptability of leaders. The Rapid Evaluation of Adaptability and Decision Making (READ-M) will be designed as a tool to evaluate current leaders and to assess the next generation for potential leadership roles. Inspired by situation judgment test methodology, READ-M will present a running narrative of relevant scenarios to the employee.

Employees will be asked to (a) identify changes and anomalies and their significance within the context of their workflow, (b) flexibly apply their domain knowledge under a variety of conditions and (c) adapt their decision outcomes as environmental and situational variables change. For example, let’s have a nurse role play during a mass casualty event. Let’s determine how your lead field tech might respond when asked to lead an organize evacuation. In short, READ-M will throw challenging, stress-inducing but realistic scenarios at the employee and measure how well they perform compared to their expected level of proficiency. READ-M will support upload of a variety of media types from 3D virtual simulations, 2D scenarios and live video exemplars. These media based scenarios can be informed by specific subject matter experts within your organization such that content can be customized and reused for your purposes.

Whether they come from the military, clinical healthcare, assembly manufacturing or elsewhere, READ-M will provide a framework to present scenarios relevant to each domain. Throughput? Well, that is only restricted by your bandwidth and IT infrastructure frankly. DI envisions READ-M being accessible through mobile devices. If you have a ‘bring your own device’ policy, then READ-M can be accessed anywhere, anytime. So yes, 200 assessments in 30 minutes is not only possible, we believe it can be exceeded. If you are interested in learning more about READ-M the product, and the research and development plan please contact

Want to learn how you can rapidly assess leadership skills? DI desires to collaborate with leading institutions to bring value dded products to market like READ-M. If you have a current need for such a tool, or you see  value in adding such a product to your portfolio, now is the time to contact DI about how you can get involved. If you are interested in learning how you can become a first adopter or collaborate with DI to bring this product to market, please contact

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