Di’s Product Owner Appointed Commanding Officer of 4TH Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

Design Interactive’s Product Owner, Adam Lynch was recently appointed to be the Commanding Officer of the 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO). Adam joined Di in February 2020 as a Senior Research Assistant for the Biosignature Analytics Team. Prior to joining the company Adam serving in the United States Marine Corps for a total of 17 years, with the past 8 years being in the Marine Corps Reserve. As a tank officer, Adam has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and recently completed a 3 year tour as the Executive Officer of 4th Tank Battalion, which is a reserve unit located in San Diego, CA.

Adam Lynch

Congratulations Adam. Thank you very much for your service. It is an absolute honor to have you on our team – Dr. Kay Stanney, Design Interactive Founder and CEO

The mission of 4th ANGLICO is to provide Marine Air-Ground Task Force Commanders a liaison capability, with foreign area expertise, to plan, coordinate, employ, and conduct terminal control of fires in support of joint, allied, and coalition forces. When asked how he felt about his recent promotion Adam stated ,” I’m honored to be selected to lead such a prestigious unit and I’m motivated to work and train alongside these elite Marines.”

Design Interactive,Inc is a women-owned human factors engineering firm located in Orlando, FL. DI specializes in developing training solutions enhanced by Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. We create engaging training solutions that improve the quality and experience of your learning and development program.

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