Design Interactive Wins ECIT Best Paper Award at I/ITSEC 2020

Design Interactive (DI) was presented with the Best Paper Award by the Emerging Concepts and Technologies Committee during the virtual I/ITSEC 2020 conference. The ECIT subcommittee publishes papers that discuss emerging and innovative technologies, methodologies, or concepts associated with simulation, training, education, and operational support across the spectrum of government, industry, academia, and international organizations. The Best Paper award is given to one paper submitted to the ECIT subcommittee.

Our paper presents a new methodology and tool for preserving domain expertise.

Victoria Claypool Ph.D.
User testing EXTRACT™ System
Empowering People with Innovative Technology

This paper represents groundbreaking research and application within the area of emerging concepts and innovative technologies. DI’s paper, entitled Enhancing Naval Enterprise Readiness through Augmented Reality Knowledge Extraction, provides an overview of the design and development of EXTRACT™, an Augmented Reality (AR) tool for preserving and disseminating expert institutional and tribal knowledge. An evaluation of EXTRACT™ onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) with Machine Control Monitoring System (MCMS) maintenance technicians was also discussed; results indicated that DI’s EXTRACT™ knowledge elicitation tool successfully captured and preserved explicit, implicit, and critical tacit knowledge of expert maintainers onboard the CVN 78. Organizations can use EXTRACT™ to capture knowledge during employee transition and retirement.

“Our paper presents a new methodology and tool for preserving domain expertise. As every industry faces the Silver Tsunami with Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, it is more critical than ever to capture and preserve institutional and tribal knowledge.” Said lead author Victoria Claypool Ph.D., “Our results demonstrated that EXTRACT™ an AR tool for knowledge elicitation, can successfully capture a breadth of knowledge – from codified and explicit knowledge to deep tacit knowledge.” Design Interactive is honored to be recognized by the ECIT committee regarding their work developing Augmented Reality training solutions and look forward to continuing development in this space.

About Design Interactive

Design Interactive,Inc is a women-owned human factors engineering firm located in Orlando, FL. DI specializes in developing training solutions enhanced by Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. We create engaging training solutions that improve the quality and experience of your learning and development program. For more information visit us here.

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