XRMentor® Announces Magic Leap Partnership

Orlando, FL  – 06/28/2024 –  Design Interactive is excited to announce they have added Magic Leap as a supported head mounted display for their innovative augmented reality (AR) training platform XRMentor®.  In partnership with Magic Leap, a leader in the AR industry, DI aims to transform workforce training by integrating XRMentor®’s comprehensive AR training solutions with Magic Leap’s cutting-edge technology.

Introducing XRMentor®:

XRMentor® offers a suite of AR learning training tools, now powered by Magic Leap’s advanced AR technology, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern organizations with our latest features;

  • ClassroomXR™: Instructors can live stream to remote trainees, demonstrating work instructions while interacting with holographic models, graphics, PDFs, and more – all heads-up and hands-free.
  • Multiview: Remote trainees or workers can live stream back to a central trainer, demonstrating proficiency or requesting assistance in real-time.
  • LessonsXR™:Interactive training modules engage trainees in various self-guided learning activities, from product discovery to assembly and decision-making.
  • ProceduresXR™: Augmented reality work instructions for on-the-job training, leveraging heads-up and hands-free content.
  • Authoring: A user-friendly, web-based authoring tool allows the creation of augmented reality work instructions or training modules in minutes.

Why XRMentor® and Magic Leap?

Training can be inefficient and costly for organizations with distributed workforces or customers. Traditional training methods often involve significant expenses related to travel, shipping, and productivity losses. The partnership between XRMentor® and Magic Leap addresses these challenges by enabling instructors and experts to:

  • Live Stream Demonstrations: Conduct live training sessions with remote employees or customers, minimizing the need for travel.
  • Deploy Self-Guided Work Instructions: Easily distribute AR-enhanced work instructions to support on-the-job training.
  • Enhance Safety and Accuracy: Provide heads-up, hands-free content to employees, ensuring tasks are completed safely and error-free.

“We are thrilled to bring XRMentor® application to Magic Leap to transform the next generation of AR learning for organizations worldwide,” said Matt Johnston ,Director of Commercial Solutions at Design Interactive . “By combining our innovative training solutions with Magic Leap’s best in class AR technology, we can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training for remote workforces.”

For more information about the XRMentor® and Magic Leap partnership and how it can revolutionize your organization’s training programs, visit designinteractive.net or contact Matt Johnston at matthew@designinteractive.net

About Design Interactive 

Founded in 1998, Design Interactive was built on the values of teamwork, passion, innovation, positivity, and team spirit. Our team’s energies are focused on developing XR solutions that allow enterprises to rapidly train their workforce.

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