2016 I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C)



ADAPT- MP provides critical training directly after an amputation while tracking pre-prosthesis training progress and muscle activation patterns. Users are empowered to accelerate their muscle control as they progress through a series of mobile games.


Web Portal

Allows you to quickly and easily evaluate muscle site progress, customize the training tool, and track progress to enhance gains.

Mobile App

Fun, adaptive mobile games for users to practice the same muscle activations that will be used to operate their prosthesis, months before even receiving it.

Bio Sensor

Captures muscle isolation and activation data to power training games via a Bluetooth connection to the mobile app.

Use the Myoelectric Prosthesis

When you choose, for what you choose

Game 1

Volcanic Crush

Basic control and activation

Game 2

Dino Sprint

Sequencing and temporal patterns
Game 3

Dino Feast

Proportionate strength
Game 4

Dino Claw

Sustain and isolate contraction