Empower your workforce with cutting edge technology

Providing enterprises with the right solution

Development Services

AR and VR Training Solutions

New hires and experts demand different training solutions. DI’s MASTER framework guides our development team to create a solution responsive to the expertise and abilities of your workforce. DI determines whether an augmented or fully immersive solution is right for you.

Custom AR Applications

Off the shelf software often doesn’t meet your business needs. Forget trying to force-fit a step by procedural support tool, when your need is a troubleshooting application or inspection checklist. DI works with you to create the applications your business demands.

Smart Ecosystems

Improve the productivity of your workforce by connecting heads up solutions to the alerts and data they need to keep your business running at optimal efficiency. DI’s data scientists and software engineers build ecosystems that drive information presentation so you have what you need, when you need it.

Consulting Services

Solution Integration
It is difficult to select the right HMD, mobile device and software for your application.  Our experts understand your operational environment, use case and intended user population to select a solution that delivers on your key performance indicators.
User Experience Design
Augmented and virtual reality experiences afford more than traditional 2D mobile applications can offer.  DI’s UX designers and human factors experts create user driven, use case specific experiences for industrial, drone, health care and many other applications.
Human Factors
Developing a new HMD requires understanding how engineering specifications support visual perception.  DI predicts visual performance directly from your reference designs and objective human factors tests to optimize your optics for viewing as you progress from prototype to production.

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