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AUGMED® Mobile

eXtended Reality Anytime, Anywhere TCCC Training

Accessible, Immersive Hands On Training Currently in Transition via the Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program

AUGMED® Mobile is an eXtended Reality (XR) blended training solution for Tactical Combat Care (TCCC) that combines augmented, virtual, and mixed realities into a next dimension training paradigm. War-fighters can use AUGMED® Mobile anytime, anywhere to train and reinforce TCCC fundamental skills and decision making under realistically stressful conditions by placing the trainee into a virtual, contextualized environment while performing hands-on medical skills application.

How It Works

CLS/TIER 1 & 2 Training

CLS/TIER 1 & 2 TCCC training content based on COTC/ Deployed Medicine curricula, MSTC observations, and SME iteration

Multiple Scenario Based Lessons

Includes multiple lessons along the crawl-walk-run continuum with scenarios utilizing the MARCH algorithm

Self-guided Mobile Solution

Self-guided, anytime, anywhere mobile solution ready to deploy now. Available on hand-held and Head Worn Display devices

Field Tested with Warfighters

User tested at multiple medical training facilities, including Hurlburt Field, MacDill 6th MDG, Special Warfare Medical Group Trauma 3, Ft Indiantown Gap and Ft Bragg MSTC

Modular Framework

Modular framework that is scalable and extensible to other curricula; as well as platform agnostic

Fuses Assessment & Training

Fuses competency-based assessment with adaptive training to personalize learning and quickly drive to proficiency

Natural Voice & Gesture Commands

Embodies naturalistic gestures and voice communications with high tempo, realistic immersive scenarios

AUGMED® Mobile is Ready to Deploy Now

Alignment with TCCC

Priorities and Challenges

AUGMED®’s XR blended paradigm fundamentally transforms and exponentially improves the approach to TCCC training, ensuring readiness in critical life-saving skills such as life threatening bleeding control, airway management, and respiration management

AUGMED®’s anytime mobile solution ensures all war-fighters gain and maintain true proficiencies in medical competencies

Transition to classroom and refresher training accelerated and funded by the Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program (JWMRP)

AUGMED® mitigates potential AR cybersickness effects as a direct result of MTEC research efforts completed in 2021

Actively seeking continuing research efforts into safety concerns with cybersickness in AR/XR

Increase Efficiency / Decrease Cost

Rapidly generate adaptive, reality-based training content, thereby reducing costs associated with maintaining training excellence

Increase Quality

Provide personalized, competency-based training solutions that rapidly drive trainees to proficiency

Highly Relevant

AUGMED® provides a means to reach the Audacious Goal: Zero preventable deaths on the battlefield.

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