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Data Science

Explainable AI solutions developed by a data science team complemented by neuroscientist, biomedical engineers and human performance experts. With patented and peer reviewed machine learning algorithms our team can design and develop  solutions for any use case.

UX Design

Equipped with a full stack design and development team,
our designs are derived from a user- centric design process involving
collaboration between researchers, designers, end users and stakeholders.

Software Development

Utilizing an agile scrum methodology, our robust software development team has developed the latest in XR, mobile, web and desktop software solutions. Enhanced with a mature development process led by certified scrum masters with iterative end user and stakeholder feedback.

Human Factors

Our team is equipped with diverse experts specializing
in human factors engineering, industrial psychology,
cognitive psychology, and industrial engineering.
Our industry leading methodologies have led to the development of
sensory task analysis and cue fidelity evaluation tools to
inform training and operational system design.