CogGauge is a browser based application that can be accessed through an employee’s desktop or on a tablet. It measures the ability to maintain focus, make spatial decisions and short term memory among others.


Custom Games

Different games for different abilities. DI will help you select the games that make the most sense for your needs.

Enterprise Database

Centralized storage across an enterprise network.

Open API

Output data to your existing hiring or talent management platform.

Data Management Tool

Windows based software tool to manage & visualize data.

The only game based approach to cognitive aptitude assessment

In 4 easy steps, determine a new hire’s rapid decision making and memory abilities.

Step 1

Select a Game

Let our experts choose games that match the jobs you are hiring for.
Step 2

Collect Data

Prospective hires play each game and performance data is sent to a central database.
Step 3

Compare Applicant Data

View data for all applicants in the CogGauge Dashboard and sort based on performance.
Step 4

Analyze Applicant

Compare an applicants data to performance thresholds and export data for further analysis.


Caleb Adams
"CogGauge has a unique game-based look that appeals to our applicants and has ensured we select high quality, relevant candidates."
Caleb AdamsCareer Planning Manager – Peckham, Inc

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