• Elevating Your Vision Across Platforms

    Our approach to development is unified yet tailored to the unique demands of each platform.

  • Intuitive Interfaces

    Di’s comprehensive and versatile design framework that caters to a wide range of digital platforms, including web, mobile, XR , & desktop applications

  • Research Capabilities

    Explore human responses to XR technologies through participant studies. Design experiments, create scenarios, develop metrics, collect data, analyze statistically, and model outcomes.

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C# Unity Development

We use Unity to craft extraordinary gaming, AR, and interactive simulations

Mobile Development

We build intuitive, feature-rich apps that captivate users while delivering unparalleled functionality

Research Capabilities

We uncover how people interact with tech, delving into emotions, motivations, and cognitive processes for enhanced user experiences.

User-Centered Approach

We conduct in-depth research, empathizing with their needs, behaviors, and pain points to inform every design decision.

UX / UI Design

We craft interfaces that are intuitive, guiding users effortlessly through their interactions while maintaining a visually captivating experience

Web Development

We blend cutting-edge technologies with user-centric design, ensuring a seamless and engaging web experience.

Front-End Analysis

Perform literature review, observation studies, contextual inquiries, stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, diary studies

UX Design Philosophy

Our UX design philosophy is grounded in empathy, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of user-centric excellence. We believe that great design is more than aesthetics; it's about orchestrating seamless journeys that delight and empower users.

Software Development

Our expertise spans the entire technological spectrum, allowing us to bring your vision to life seamlessly across web, mobile, desktop, and Unity platforms. Whether you're aiming for a ubiquitous online presence, a powerful mobile app, a robust desktop application, or immersive experiences through Unity, we've got you covered.

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XR not catchall phrase

eXtended Reality is NOT a Catchall Phrase

Kay M. Stanney
While others in the world are using “XR” as a catch-all term for AR, MR, and VR, we have discovered that one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of XR technologies… lack of good UX design… can be overcome by blending all three form factors into a new, highly engaging, and empowering UX paradigm. This approach combines cutting edge “ambient” user interface design principles and AI/ML adaptation logic, with the point-of-need support of AR, the immersive contextualization of VR, and the physical interaction afforded by MR to achieve a currently unparalleled immersive solution that provides the right training or operational support at the real-world point-of-need in the right form factor to accelerate training and support operations…
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