Trouble selecting a head-mounted display? Not all HMDs are suitable for your environment.


DI objectively evaluates virtual, augmented and mixed reality headsets for your specific use case.

Key Features

Predict which displays are suitable for training selected task with specified image characteristics
Predict which displays are suitable for your use case from reference designs, prototypes or production units
Evaluate human perception using selected training system, automatically running subjects through perception tests
Evaluate how your HMD supports human perception and performance using the automated testing platform
Evaluate how effective a system is at a task, leading to long term design recommendations
Conduct a training or operational effectiveness evaluation and receive design recommendations


Avoid Costly Redesign

Design or choose the HMD that is the right fit for your use case

Reduce Testing Cost & Time

Predictive assessments prior to testing optimize the amount of hours used in studies

Benchmark Data

Quickly determine tradeoffs during system design and content creation

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