Behavior-Based Performance Assessment and Optimization Tool


Accelerate Skill Acquisition In Any Context

IMITATE provides adaptive, personalized instruction, standardized assessments, and guided, video-enhanced performance review.


Introductory video-based observation and training that identifies the key performance areas and behaviors and illustrates expert performance.


Learners practice their skills while receiving standardized, behavior-based assessment through an intuitive rating tool that provides observers with guidance on how to rate, which promotes consistency between observers.


Results are captured and displayed for immediate, actionable, and structured feedback. A video-based after-action review offers session playback paired with time-synced ratings to highlight effective or ineffective performance. Built-in analytics enable performance comparisons between individuals and groups over time.

Key Features & Benefits

Widely applicable and customizable to academic, military, medical, and industrial settings
Easy-to-use, web-based software with intuitive interfaces
Rating systems afford real-time or after-action behavior-based performance assessment
Results and analytics support structured feedback and identify skill gaps across individuals and organization wide
Easy-to-create, customizable rating scales enable assessment in any context
Offline mode provides field assessment capability
Multimedia training content on key performance areas promotes introductory learning and remediation for identified performance gaps
Authoring tool supports ongoing creation of training content and capture of best practices

IMITATE supports self-guided learning as well as instructor-in-the-loop, real-time assessment of Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

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What Will It Accomplish?


Rapidly build expertise


Reduce training costs


Accelerate readiness

Recent Enhancements!


Checklists & Counters

Assessments across a wider range of contexts through integrated procedural evaluation criteria such as checklists and counters.

Automated Assessment

Automated assessment and AI supported performance insights through the consumption of simulation training data.

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