Helping healthcare organizations select and build augmented, virtual and mixed reality training and operational solutions.


Accelerate competency of employees

Match delivery method to expertise level

Choose the right headset for the application

Standardize training and operations

Realistic. Effective. Efficient.

Is AR or VR right for me?

Performance goals, task, environment & user characteristics and the state of current knowledge is used to choose the right delivery method.



Match the right HMD to your Application

Readability and 3D depth perception matter. Not all HMDs are created equal. Avoid discomfort, sickness, negative training transfer and error in use by selecting the right headset for training, operations or clinical use.

Realistic Wounds, Equipment and Environments

Create digital twins of the tools you use and injuries to care for while immersed in replicas of your operational environments.

Accurate Physiology

Drive accurate vital signs and physiological response by integrating with leading 3rd party physiology engines.

Performance Capture and Visualization

Select the most appropriate performance metrics and provide easy to understand visualizations with real-time feedback or after action summaries.

Who do we work with?


Innovative and forward-looking organizations that are striving to improve health outcomes and save lives:

Hospital modeling and simulation centers
Healthcare clinicial operations
Public safety and first responders
Military and Homeland Security
Medical schools and non-profit organizations

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