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Performance Augmentation

  /  Performance Augmentation

Core Capabilities

Technology Enhanced Human Performance

Human Factors

Personalized training enabled by both human physiology and behavior


Next-generation human systems integration for optimized man-machine teaming


Intelligent and adaptive training to accelerate human performance


Objective performance assessments, training effectiveness and usability evaluations


Adaptive, personalized training and operational support solutions that address human performance challenges


Video Based Performance Assessments

End User: Instructors

Overview:  IMITATE is a behavior-based performance optimization tool that accelerates skill acquisition in any context by providing adaptive, personalized instruction and guided, video-enhanced review of performance. IMITATE employs a three-phase training approach – Prepare, Practice, Assess – for rapidly building expertise, reducing training costs and accelerating readiness.


Eye tracking x-ray training

End User: Security checkpoint workers conducting X-ray screening 

Overview: ScreenAdapt® is a x-ray training application that uses trainee eye movement patterns to measure search performance and identify detection errors. Improve your trainees detection accuracy while also reducing the time needed to train.


Generative Immersive Scenario Testbed

End User: Military Instructors

OverviewGenerative Immersive Scenario Testbed (GIST), is an integrated ecosystem created for rapid development of immersive training scenarios, including realistic virtual humans, created from 2-D visual inputs from real settings.

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