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AUGMED™ is an adaptive  AR training system geared toward Combat Lifesaver (CLS) providers who are learning the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) curriculum. Leveraging cutting-edge AR technology to bridge the gap between traditional classroom-based learning and hands-on skill training,  AUGMED™ has been designed to effectively deliver spatialized instructional content and contextualized, realistic training cues to learners anytime, anywhere.

Core Capabilities
  • Contextualized Learning: Integrating complex combat lifesaving skills situated in a high tempo interwoven battlefield, results in increased trainee knowledge acquisition.
  • Embodied Learning: Our system promotes continuous engagement by way of gestures and interactive exploration to increase trainee knowledge retention in less time.
  • Adaptability: The system leverages state-of-the art knowledge tracing technologies to track trainees’ progress and adapt their curriculum on the fly.


End User

Combat Medics