ProceduresXR: AR Learning Solution

Revolutionizing Self Learning with ProceduresXR

Experience AR learning with our step-by-step work instructions. Accessible on HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap, distribute seamlessly to mobile devices. Supports video, pictures, PDFs, and 3D CAD models for comprehensive learning integration.


Return on Investment


Increase in compliance


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increase ROI

Build Competency

AR learning with ProceduresXR delivers significant ROI through enhanced workforce efficiency and knowledge retention. By integrating AR learning, companies streamline training processes, reducing time and errors. Employees benefit from immersive, hands-on experiences that enhance skills and readiness, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Augmented reality training software with Magic Leap and Holo Len device capabability

Re-imagine training with Augmented Reality Learning


Stream from a headset, share your screen or switch to a webcam. Record the session and share the video through your learning management system.

How it works


Instructor creates instructor led modules and schedule remote training session.

Go Live

The instructor live streams hands-on demonstrations to remote trainees.


Download video of live stream session, share and watch on demand

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