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Project Brief

ScreenADAPT® is a Windows-based x-ray training application that uses trainee eye movement patterns to measure search performance and identify detection errors. Improve your trainees detection accuracy while also reducing the time needed to train.


Eye Tracking. Software Development. Human Factors. Instructional Design. Systems Integration.


The Problem

Current training tools lack the capability to provide instructors or trainees with adequate visualization to improve their existing scan patterns for threat detection image resolution, resulting in an increase in visual search errors.

The Solution

The ScreenADAPT® system diagnoses deficiencies/inefficiencies in visual search (i.e.,  scanning errors etc.) and adapts to the individual trainee’s needs to optimize each  session through tailored feedback.

Use Case

Improve Your Training Process

TSA Agents

Instantly improve visual search accuracy utilizing X-Ray eye tracking technology.

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