Augmented reality

The Transformative Power of AR Learning in Modern Training

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and professional development, innovative technologies are transforming traditional methods. Among these advancements, Augmented Reality (AR) stands out, revolutionizing how companies like Design Interactive develop training solutions. “AR learning” is more than a buzzword; … Read More

XRMentor® Announces Magic Leap Partnership

Orlando, FL  – 06/28/2024 –  Design Interactive is excited to announce they have added Magic Leap as a supported head mounted display for their innovative augmented reality (AR) training platform XRMentor®.  In partnership with Magic Leap, a leader in the … Read More

How Real Wear Supports Multiview for Training

Design Interactive (DI) has made a significant feature addition to it’s ClassroomXR™ instructor led training feature. With the addition of new hardware platforms like Real Wear have dramatically improved sharing capabilities making ClassroomXR™ the most capable and flexibly instructor led … Read More


Design Interactive, Inc. wins Phase 1 NAVAIR SBIR Topic Number N201-015 with their proposed Augmented Reality Technician Inspection for Surface Anomalies and Noncompliance (ARTISAN) Solution. ARTISAN will provide crucial operational support for Naval aviation corrosion and non-destructive inspection. Corrosion alone … Read More

Di’s Guide to Extended Reality: Understanding Immersive Media

Remember in 2016 when the world was taken over by Pokemon Go. It’s been 4 years since then and are you still confused? Then check out Di’s Guide to Understanding eXtended Reality. … Read More

Design Interactive AR Solution to be on display at AWS 2020

DI will be showcasing AUGMENTOR™, an augmented reality (AR) maintenance tool originally developed by Design Interactive for commercial trucking fleet maintenance. … Read More