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Instructor led training and self-guided procedure platform enhanced by augmented reality.


To create a blended learning environment where trainees can access information and training on demand anywhere, anytime significantly improving the efficiency of training operations and dramatically reducing the cost to train.

How It Works

XRMentor™ supports the See One, Do One, Teach One model of training. Using the key features in this manner significantly improves efficiency of training and rate of knowledge acquisition and retention.


Instructor creates augmented reality procedure


Instructor schedules classroom


Instructor livestreams classroom with trainees


Trainees download procedure for refresher and practice


Trainee demonstrates skill in 1:1 remote collaboration session

Key Features


Live streamed instructor led training at scale


How-to guides provide step by step guidance to complete tasks

Remote Collaboration

1 – 1 video collaboration for real time guidance and troubleshooting


Interactive and immersive training scenarios for any competency level

Authoring Tool

Easy to use, what you see is what you get training module authoring in the web

XRMentor™ can deliver 200% return on investment and a payback period of less than 12 months

Key Features &

Avoid millions in travel cost using ClassroomXR™ remote training and video collaboration

Reduce rework by 75% and improve task efficiency by 40% on average with standard procedures

Improve productivity of training department by 30% with easy to use, web authoring

Save thousands per worker with increased knowledge acquisition and retention rate

Available on:

Microsoft HoloLens 2 Microsoft HoloLens 2
iOS & Android Devices iOS & Android Devices
Coming Soon -Real Wear Navigator Coming Soon -Real Wear Navigator


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