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XRMentor® provides your enterprise with a remote maintenance training solution that allows technicians to remain connected and productive. Contact us today to get started!


Stay connected with your workforce while supporting the self-guided training process but enabling your instructors with the ability to observe a student's progress streamed from a variety of devices.


Access self-guided, hands-free procedures with step-by-step work instructions. Compatible with HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap, and distributable on mobile devices. Supports video, pictures, PDFs, and 3D CAD models.


Live stream, hands on demonstrations at scale enhanced by augmented reality.


Interactive, immersive training activities authored rapidly by XRMentor®

Authoring Tool

Create training modules in minutes with our no-code cloud platform. Easily add pictures, videos, and PDFs, and integrate standard procedures. Accessible on all common browsers.

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Use Cases


Standardize preventive maintenance procedures, pre- trip inspections, cross train technicians and accelerate competency.

Independent Repair Shops

Provide just in time support to technicians as they inspect and repair all makes and models.

Part Supplier

Use remote video calling as part of your technical support service and deliver training to all fleets and dealers simultaneously

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Next Generation Maintenance Training

Train Anytime. Anywhere.

We help enterprises maximize their technicians productivity by implementing a customized remote training solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.


See what industry is saying about XRMentor®

“Augmented and virtual reality are prime tools to engage and teach tech-savvy younger generations, that ultimately have to find their way into our workplace. Currently XRMENTOR® is working with the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council to develop an AR game."

Heavy Duty Trucking
"The emphasis really is on training tools where people can collaborate, share between and within organizations to prevent `{`coronavirus`}` exposure, but still do it in an effective manner, XRMENTOR® provides its users with that capability."

Transport Topics
"XRMENTOR® Virtual Equipment Training enables training to include actual and virtual parts, systems and vehicles in one solution. Additionally, with XRMENTOR®, training content can be supplied quickly and easily to technicians on mobile devices in addition to HoloLens headsets."

Commercial Carrier Journal

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