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Transforming Industries with Cutting-Edge
AR Training Solutions

Aerospace and Defense:

Aerospace and defense firms rely on exor mentor to keep technicians and maintainers on top of the latest service and repair methods to ensure reliable safe and ready fleet.


Automotive firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians to service vehicles and stay on top of the latest technology and product trends.


construction and engineering organizations rely on XRMentor® to train employees improve productivity collaborate with partners and suppliers and ensure compliance and more.

Energy Oil & Gas

Energy firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote operators to service legacy equipment and fleets to support the entire value chain


Healthcare firms rely on XRMentor® to train employees on safe procedure and equipment use.


Manufacturers rely on XRMentor® to keep production lines and unit operations running minimizing downtime and legacy equipment and training employees on new equipment.

Trucking & Transportation

Transportation firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians increase first time fixed rates reduce comebacks and keep power units in service.


Utilities rely on XRMentor® to train and support remote employees so assets and infrastructure are safe and reliable.


Waste and environmental firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians to service specialty equipment and keep power units and service.


From the initial onboard to day to day operation and long term strategic use of XRMentor® we are here to support. Whether you need assistance in creating effective training or desire new features, our team is committed to providing value added services of XRMentor® to help you achieve your business goals.

Pilot Programs

We run custom designed pilot projects that evaluate the efficacy of XRMentor® for your business need. Our pilot projects typically include:

  • Goal setting and project planning
  • Train the trainer sessions
  • Content development
  • Design and running of an evaluation event
  • Training Content Development

    We work with your subject matter experts to create content or entire modules that meet your training needs.

  • Self-guided training modules
  • Instructor led training modules
  • Convert How-To manuals into training modules
  • Create images or edit videos
  • 3D Model Creation

    Our designers create gamified to photorealistic models of equipment for use in your training classes.

  • 3D static models of equipment or parts
  • Animated models of processes, equipment and parts
  • Create 3D models of realistic examples of worn, used, corroded parts
  • Guide your team through the process of creating your own models
  • Convert or reduce size of models you already have to meet software requirements
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