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Next Generation Training

XRMentor® is an easy to use, self-guided and instructor-led augmented reality enhanced training solution

What we do

Transforming Industries with Cutting-Edge AR Training Solutions

Aerospace and Defense:

Aerospace and defense firms rely on exor mentor to keep technicians and maintainers on top of the latest service and repair methods to ensure reliable safe and ready fleet.


Automotive firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians to service vehicles and stay on top of the latest technology and product trends.


construction and engineering organizations rely on XRMentor® to train employees improve productivity collaborate with partners and suppliers and ensure compliance and more.

Energy Oil & Gas

Energy firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote operators to service legacy equipment and fleets to support the entire value chain


Healthcare firms rely on XRMentor® to train employees on safe procedure and equipment use.


Manufacturers rely on XRMentor® to keep production lines and unit operations running minimizing downtime and legacy equipment and training employees on new equipment.

Trucking & Transportation

Transportation firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians increase first time fixed rates reduce comebacks and keep power units in service.


Utilities rely on XRMentor® to train and support remote employees so assets and infrastructure are safe and reliable.


Waste and environmental firms rely on XRMentor® to train remote technicians to service specialty equipment and keep power units and service.

Replicate Your Experts®

XRMentor® provides your enterprise with a remote maintenance training solution that allows technicians to remain connected and productive. Contact us today to get started!

Training Content Development

We work with your subject matter experts to create content or entire modules that meet your training needs.

Self-guided Training Modules

These modules offer a structured pathway for individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, or expertise at their own pace and convenience.

Convert How-To Manuals

Converting How-To manuals into training modules involves transforming static instructional content into dynamic, interactive learning experiences.

Empowering Industries, Uniting Stakeholders

Learn how XRMentor® supports multiple stakeholders within an industry

Parts Supplier

Use remote video calling as part of your technical support service and deliver training to all fleets and dealers simultaneously


Standardize preventive maintenance procedures, pre trip inspections, cross train technicians and accelerate competency.


Bring all equipment supplier information into a single location for all your fleet customers using XRMentor™ affiliate program.

Independent Repair Shops

Provide just in time support to technicians as they inspect and repair all makes and models.


Rapidly train technicians to execute warranty repairs and standardize maintenance procedures

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